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The Heroes of Hope Grey Ribbon Crusade is a union of brain tumor organizations committed to raising awareness of the disease and funds for brain tumor research. The philosophy behind the United Force Against Brain Tumors (UFAB) is that there is strength in numbers and that the combined efforts of the group as one will demonstrate the solidarity of the brain tumor community and produce a synergy that will put brain tumors in the forefront of the public eye so we can ultimately increase funding for this devastating illness.

The Grey Ribbon Crusade was founded by Steve Coffman, Survivor since 2005,, Al Musella of the Musella Foundation, and Lisa Kaminsky-Miller, of the Brad Kaminsky Foundation,

Any organization working in support of brain tumor research is eligible to join.

  • There is no fee to join UFAB.
  • Member organizations retain flexibility and preservation of organizational goals.
  • There will be representation from all 50 states.
  • Member organizations will link to the Grey Ribbon Crusade site and increase their presence with shared tools and resources that can further the common goal.
  • Members will utilize Grey Ribbon Crusade branding materials in conjunction with their own collateral where appropriate.

Please visit for more information and help unite the brain tumor community.

The Nick Gonzales Foundation for Brain Tumor Research is a proud member of the Grey Ribbon Crusade.